16 Best Browser Extensions

If you are an active user firefox or google chrome, this article is for you! Here is the beadroll of extensions. It'll short your time while choosing your best extension. Картинки по запросу Mercury Reader Mercury Reader removes annoying ads and unnecessary graphics from web page. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/p2M4n7" firefox=""/] Картинки по запросу reedy extension Reedy - advanced tool of high-speed reading technology. The words are displayed rapidly in the center of the screen. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/p2M4n7" firefox=""/] Картинки по запросу note anywhere extension Note Anywhere is a service for creating stickers on web pages. It is a wonderful extension to forget nothing. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/zod74R" firefox=""/] Картинки по запросу Sideplayer for Google Chrome Sideplayer for Google Chrome helps to watch YouTube videos in a compact box. You can watch video and read favorite site together. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/tJvWTR" firefox=""/]   Картинки по запросу Mailtrack for Gmail Mailtrack for Gmail let to cancel a subscription to an electronic mailing list or online service. [extension chrome="http://goo.gl/QH2FSB" firefox="https://mzl.la/2blUZBl"/] Картинки по запросу uBlock uBlock is a good possibility for blocking advertisements on web pages or you can select the required items to block by hand. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/TkRdQc" firefox="https://mzl.la/2oweon9"/] Картинки по запросу LastPass: Free Password Manager LastPass: Free Password Manager excellent password manager saves your passwords and gives you secure access from any computer. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/Fy0nHN" firefox="https://mzl.la/2prGJNj"/]   Картинки по запросу disconnect extension Disabling by means of it you can disable services that monitor the user's actions. It helps you to make invisible your search and browsing history. By means of Disconnect, you can make the web and faster secure. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/MQjQa0" firefox="https://mzl.la/1MQWCNl"/] Картинки по запросу SessionBox SessionBox helps you to open multiple pages simultaneously. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/ApJuFr" firefox=""/] Картинки по запросу Great Suspender Great Suspender exercises control over the use of the computer's memory. The work of operation is quite simple - to suspend the operation of unused tabbed browser. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/nQvWz5" firefox=""/] Картинки по запросу GIPHY для Chrome GIPHY for Chrome is extension that allows the use of GIF files in your e-mails, articles and various text files. By the way, not necessarily to create animated images for your projects yourself. Looking through the Internet, you can find a great number of GIF images suitable for use in all situations. It is necessary just to know where to find them and by means of what. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/eGEqFE" firefox="https://mzl.la/2prERnB"/] Картинки по запросу Hover Zoom Hover Zoom extension for automatic zoom on websites. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/AJY1Jn" firefox="https://mzl.la/2q5jpkr"/]   Amazon offers Tracker displays various ads including coupons, savings, redundancy, promo codes, and other online offers. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/gs64wy" firefox=""/] Amazon Review Kick helps you to create their own websites on the basis of existing templates. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/9AohLA" firefox=""/] VK Audio Player Plugin allows you to pause or resume playback in the player VK directly from Google Chrome toolbar: Vk Audio Player. Also it can download music tracks from VK. [extension chrome="http://goo.gl/UQlY4n" firefox=""/] Картинки по запросу honey extension Honey will let you look through every approachable sale and coupon code. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/cul9Rs" firefox="https://mzl.la/2pVJcPV"/] Картинки по запросу Facebook AdBlock Facebook AdBlocker specially designed for the Facebook Web site to remove all the annoying ads and content. [extension chrome="http://bit.ly/2ljGstc" firefox="http://mzl.la/1TZJYPs"/] Картинки по запросу ears bass boost eq any audio Ears Bass Boost gives an opportunity to change the EQ of any and all tabs simultaneously! We hope that this article has been helpful for you. [extension chrome="https://goo.gl/8kjRAr" firefox=""/]